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A Hepc blog, genotype 1, from discovery of virus, till (hopefully) the successful outcome. Also logging the mental, emotional and spiritual journey that this will entail. The entire contents of this blog are copyrighted by Paul Wilcox and Paul Wilcox reserves all rights granted by law to be associated with this blog.

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Sunday, June 04, 2006

Welcome BBC Pilgrims

Hello and welcome if you have just come to this blog because you listened to the BBC play “Llama Lashes and Grumpy Old Gits”.
I haven’t heard the play as yet but I hope it was good.
If you haven’t used a blog before, new entries appear on top of older ones so to read it you have to go to the bottom of the page and scroll up, entry by entry.
If you want to read this blog from the beginning use this link:
And go to the bottom of the page.

This blog comprises of over 60 entries as I made my way through combination therapy last year. Sadly, treatment failed. In my category, Genotype 1 you are only given 50% to 65% chance of succeeding – and even then the virus could always come back.
I know this a popular blog because of the amount of people who have read it and the emails I have received.
One of the emails was from Miles Keaton Andrews who is somewhat of a legend in treatment circles. He also, like me, is a non responder to treatment and has had more stabs at treatment - and more failures, than anyone on record.
He said my blog was “Well written, informative and above all, honest”.
Coming from an American where everything is bigger and better than anyone else’s I felt this was a real compliment.
You can find his blog on this link: http://mkandrew.com/

I have tries to make this blog as humorous and as interesting as I could while also giving out very useful information which would help anyone going through treatment.
I personally have opted to wait for some more gentler treatments which are on the way and hopefully will be available in 5 – 8 years time.

If you have hepc you have my sincere commiserations. It is a hidden and little understood virus and can be very life affecting indeed. It is staggering to me that an estimated 500,000 people in the UK today are walking about experiencing many symptoms of having the virus but are completely unaware that they have it.
Their symptoms are commonly put down to a variety of things.
For example, secret drinking.
The patient says, But doctor, I don’t drink.
The doctor says, “That isn’t what these liver results are telling me – you can’t fool me".
Yes, a whole host of other reasons are found and if all else fails you are just a hysterical neurotic – so stop imagining things and keep taking the valium.

Well, enjoy the blog. In the blogging community we found that humour is often the best weapon in our fight to beat the virus.


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