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A Hepc blog, genotype 1, from discovery of virus, till (hopefully) the successful outcome. Also logging the mental, emotional and spiritual journey that this will entail. The entire contents of this blog are copyrighted by Paul Wilcox and Paul Wilcox reserves all rights granted by law to be associated with this blog.

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Friday, January 13, 2006



If I could prescribe any painkiller or anaesthetic known to man to help people get through treatment it would be Television. There were days of unmitigated misery on treatment where nothing else could possible have helped or reached me and then I found TV miraculous.
I’m not joking. I could be locked up in my own world of bodily misery and feelings of utter mental blah where I didn’t dare contemplate the smallest thing and I would switch on the TV and it would all disappear. The world would be bearable. Pleasant even.
I would last as long as I could without the necessary calls for food and other natural functions and then rush back to bed or the sofa, pull up the quilt and escape into blissful oblivion.
As a result I have caught up on a lot of movies and even some TV series.

There have been various points in our marriage where we decided not to have TV.
The first five years we did not have one. Then another period of five years in our thirties and then another four years since 2000.
I know what life is like without telly and in fact had just had a stint without it and did not have one at beginning of treatment
My Ma thought it would be good for me to have one so she bought me a TV and video for my TX year. I never got hooked up too the mainline contenting myself to watch movies and TV series on video and DVD.
There were times when it was the only thing that kept me from giving up treatment.
Now that TX is over and I no longer need it I am weaning myself off.
I can now read again, something I found I could not do on tx. I am rediscovering using my own imagination to create scenes and not some producer.
The quality of films surprised me though and there are some very thoughtful movies around. Some martial arts films that are coming out of china are unbelievably spectacular and beautifully shot. Loads of money is being poured into the Chinese film industry and they cannot be dismissed as they once were.

Its no coincidence that I compare TV to drugs or anaesthetic.
In her book called “The Plug in Drug” Marie Winn sets out the results of ten years of studies of the effects of TV on children and the family. It was a damning book about the most powerful tool in the media arsenal, TV, and was completely ignored by every other branch of the media industry.
Dr Winn’s systematic collection of various studies of the effect of TV is horrific reading.
Did you know that they have actually paid communities to do without the TV for a year and monitored the results?
Those communities that took part in the study rarely went back to TV watching.
There is a scientifically measured TV trance that the mind goes into when watching the screen no matter what is on it.
Unlike other studies Dr Winn did not look at program content - what the quality of programs were. This study merely looked at the physiological consequences of THE ACT of watching TV.
That’s how I knew that when feeling at my lowest TV would give me the shot I needed to bear the pain of existence.



Blogger Hep C Boy said...

Never been big on TV and films especially but I must admit over the last 17 weeks I have watched more DVD's than in the previous 40 odd years. It does seem to take the mind off stuff somewhat!

2:29 PM  
Anonymous Gioia said...

My name is Gioia and i am a TV addict. I tell you what Dad, thats the drug that gripped me and Ma for years. You were right about Eastenders being a load of shite...

And here I am 5 years down the line... TV free. Only selected DVD's allowed on the premisis. And to what result? An abundance of creativity. People think I am amazing for 'managing it'. My place is clean. And I have friends over for 'real time together'.

Of course, the DVD's that we ship in are great. But its great to have a choice. Not a drip.

I love for you showing me many different ways to live in many aspects. I always knew you were cool. Now I know it for sure.

11:45 PM  
Anonymous Lesley said...

Hi Paul,
How is it going? You still sunning, seaing and eating? Keep in touch, I know you said you closed your facebook account but your name is still part of our group, hope you don't mind, our group is getting bigger and bigger.
Any improvement in your condition?
Love from sunny Malaysia,

2:54 PM  

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