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Thursday, May 18, 2006

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome


In a recent casual survey of people with hepc, chronic fatigue was noted in over 40% of cases.
Not surprising really when the body is coping with billions of particles of a virus which is intent on destroying your liver.
When I found myself suffering from chronic fatigue in 1989 I began looking into chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) or M.E. as it is sometimes known.

The two best books on this subject are:
“Stressmanship” by Dr. Audrey Livingstone Booth.

“How to Avoid Burnout”, by the Minirth-Meir clinic.

Both are very easy to read and contain no scientific jargon.
Although these are fifteen years old nobody has come out with anything new that has added to them.
Apart from a scientific study that was carried out in the early nineties which investigated the use of cold baths as a cure for CFS. I hardly feel it is worth mentioning this as nobody is likely to actually do it as a cure, but they did find it helped in over 80% of cases.
Barry Sheen, the motor cyclist was one of the treatment candidates. He pronounced it as a cure for his CFS.
Now deceased, Brave Barry found the cold bath treatment more daunting than motor cycle racing.
The treatment consisted of sitting in a cold bath (not more than 16 degrees C.) for up to twenty minutes. Who dreamed this up and how on earth the idea even came to them is beyond me - but it worked. And under laboratory conditions.
One woman became so enthusiastic that as well as the bath in the morning she also took up to three cold showers during the day.
Desperate needs require desperate measures I suppose.

Far easier to take a pill. Sadly, there doesn’t appear to have been one until very recently.

More on this in the next post.


Blogger Nino said...

Hi, Thanks to the wonder of the internet I have just come across this Blog 5years on! I just wanted to say that I have ME, here in UK and cold baths are the best thing that I have come across to treat the ME. It is tough, but if you are an ME sufferer you can become desperate! I have suggested this treatment to others but the thought of it becomes too great. I would say if it is your first time, try it slowly and a bit cooler each time. I have a "holiday"from this over Christmas and if I have a cold. This also cured my Ranauds!! Good luck if you do try this at home!;o)

10:42 PM  

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