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A Hepc blog, genotype 1, from discovery of virus, till (hopefully) the successful outcome. Also logging the mental, emotional and spiritual journey that this will entail. The entire contents of this blog are copyrighted by Paul Wilcox and Paul Wilcox reserves all rights granted by law to be associated with this blog.

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Saturday, January 14, 2006

Ten Weeks Post TX


Just about to come up to ten weeks detox period after being on 1,200 mg of Ribavirin and 180 micrograms of Interferon for 40 weeks.
So how do I feel and how long does it take to feel better?
For me, and remember everyone is different, the sweats and major flu like symptoms were all over by four weeks. After four weeks I began to feel human again and not have the miserable symptoms of flu. After having the equivalent of the flu for 40 weeks this is a tremendous relief. Shivers and feeling of being cold no matter how warm the ambient temperature is are all things of the past.
Around this time I remember vividly having a bath and feeling that warm glow afterwards that “normal” people get. It was almost a transcendent experience.
A small pleasure that we all take for granted but when denied for 40 weeks it begins to assume its true significance.
Lots of “small” things like that which have been denied due to the illness and the heavy medication come back. It made me ponder how much we take for granted.
Like eating food with a real appetite and not just forcing it down because you have to keep your strength up.
Speaking of “warm glows” the return of a healthy sex drive was something that was a double edged sword. I can always tell how healthy I am by how much I notice the opposite sex. Whenever I have been ill the most significant sign that I am recovered is that I start noticing and looking at women again.
Its irritating. I find this a nuisance and a distraction from the things I really want to get on with. I remember seeing a program where volunteers had a little number clicker which they clicked every time during one day when their thoughts turned to sex.
It was approaching the hundred mark for most people.
Its well known that the sex drive is linked into the creative drive. Is it any wonder in this sex obsessed society that true creativity is at a premium.
Nevertheless, I do find myself enjoying the return of this natural urge and am thankful for these little pleasures of life that still remain free and untaxed.

Mentally I am clearer headed than I have been for years. Its incredible. Whether this is a “rebound” effect of being foggy and having the mental equivalent of wading through treacle I cannot say. Nor can I say exactly when this happened.
Immediately after ending TX I went into another illness crisis with a trapped nerve in the groin. This required some heavy painkillers which of course obscured my detox recovery period.
All I can say is that at 3 months post tx I should be well on my way to “feeling normal”.
I say feeling normal because I still cant do normal things. Fatigue is still a problem and I hit major low energy spots. All I can do about this is rest until its over.
I am still very much in convalescence. But as my nurse told me to expect this before I even started treatment it is not much of a surprise.
Low blood sugar symptoms are a mega problem and I have had tests for this and am awaiting the results. I have to eat every two to three hours or I am in serious trouble.
Classic symptoms of hypoglycaemia, fatigue, confusion, weakness etc are a constant for me and I have to eat regularly to avoid them.
Bearing in mind that I did not clear the virus I can say that the life after TX is going to be better that the one before. But it takes time. In our instant culture that is the last thing most want to hear.



Anonymous Gioia said...

All good things come to those who wait. Take it each day as it comes, and I'm sure you will be taking things for granted once again, like the rest of us.

As for your sex drive, judging by our 2am laughs on Christmas Day, it seems like you and Mum have had plenty of fun over the years. And of that I'm elated!

I still wont be having sex in your bed though. Ever. I consulted with Drew on this. And he agrees!

11:50 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi Paul im Jimi of the hEp C Forum
I found your blog Ist and then went on to the Forum.I live on my own down ib South Wales and am trying to get the motivation and energy to move out.I would just like to give you a big thank your blog kept me pretty sane when i was going through the worst of TX and For me it was rough Believe me.The tv blog is spot on when the kids were young I binnded the telly and I think they have all benefitted from it,During TX I. to found it invaluble.Eight weeks on and I am still feeling pretty lethargic and general weakness ithink I went back to work to early so have just had another week off,keep on blogging and thanks again Jimi

1:48 PM  
Blogger teddy said...

Hiya Paul...Hope your doing okay. Just finished tx myself a few weeks ago. Yes, good to feel the simple pleasures of life again.
All the best

10:09 PM  
Blogger Ron Metcalfe said...

Hi Paul

Despite the hypoglycaemia, fatigue, confusion, and weakness you are sounding calm and in good spirits. And I see your intellect has returned too!

I hope the universe is unfolding as it should for you.

Wishing you well from Espana

6:41 PM  

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